Quizbowl Schedule Generator generates a schedule for quizbowl tournaments. It does this by generating several thousand possibilities, many of these possibilities are inherently invalid. Others are just not ideal because many teams play teams from the same school many times or stay in the same room a disproportionately large amount. The program selects the best option automatically and displays it. Because of this complicated system, the program will take several seconds to run, that is normal.
Quick Start Guide
Enter the number of schools and number of rounds each team will play. If you want each team's schedule or each room's schedule on its own page check the respective box and then click "Go!". A set of new fields will appear. Enter the name of the school and the number of teams from that school in each row. Once All that information is entered click "Enter Rooms." A second table will appear where you can enter room numbers. The room number table is entirely optional if you leave it blank the program will print schedules without room numbers, however, if you do it will print schedules with room numbers increasing the readability of the generated schedules. Once you are ready for the program to create the schedule click "Generate Schedule." The program may take up to several minutes to generate a schedule. Once it is done, the result will appear on your screen. I would highly recommend printing the page to a PDF so you can email it to coaches and print specific pages later.
Browser Compatability
- Microsoft Edge 12+
- Mozilla Firefox 44+
- Google Chrome 49+
- Apple Safari (mac OS) 11+
- Opera 36+
- Apple Safari (IOS) 11.2+
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